Since 1940 Lamberto Losani has been the essential style of Italian cashmere.
A story of knowledge, experience and manual skill that has its origins in the “Made in Italy” quality coming from Umbria, with an entrepreneurial vision founded on ethics and precision.
A brand with passion that exports unique, contemporary knitwear all over the world.

Essential style to the core. An interweaving of craftsmanship, experience, creativity and innovation for over 75 years: an alchemy of elements in perfect balance.


Know-how acquired over time, through the perfect combination of hands and heart: each garment made by Lamberto Losani tells the story of the complete blending of aesthetics, function and emotions. Passion, commitment, attention to detail, manual creativity: this is the light, graceful essence of every Losani garment, added values that embrace tradition and project it toward a new clientele.


Updating, innovating and maintaining his own standards and origins: this is Lamberto Losani’s vision.


the craftsmanship of knitwear rediscovered as a timeless value.

The brand’s evolution passes through its own DNA, maintaining a desire for authenticity and essentiality that transforms the value of “made in” into “made by.”
The handmade factor, which breathes life into unique pieces and allows them to stand out in a global market, giving a “new luxury” dimension to artisanship.


Research and creative contaminations respond to the natural need for development of the Lamberto Losani brand, while maintaining unaltered the essence of its style, which takes on a timeless dimension.
The collaboration with the designer Saverio Palatella, an eclectic stylist and one of the most respected experts in the world of knitwear, is in keeping with these needs.
With a view to maintaining continuity with the brand’s heritage, Palatella designed the new F/W17 collection, reinterpreting some of Losani’s iconic pieces and characterizing them with formal precision and fine details, alongside more refined garments with a sophisticated allure, made with precious yarns.
An all-encompassing style, artistic influences and handmade garments, attention to detail and passion for a “raw material” such as cashmere: these are the foundations from which the Losani F/W17 collection was created.