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These General Terms and Conditions of Sale regulate the offer and sale of products under the label “Lamberto Losani” on our website (www.lambertolosani.com).

The products purchased on www.lambertolosani.com are sold directly by LAMBERTO LOSANI S.R.L., Case Sparse 48/G, Località Villa, Magione (PG) – VAT and Tax Code 00583990544 – Economic and Administrative Index (REA) PG-119432 – registered in the Perugia Business Register.

You may ask for any information via e-mail: customer@lambertolosani.com or by calling the number: +39 075 847711.

For any other legal information, please read our Privacy Policy section.

1 – Our commercial policy

1.1 – The Vendor offers the products for sale on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM and carries out its electronic commercial business exclusively for its own end users, the “consumers”.

1.2 – “Consumer” is understood as any natural or legal person using LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM not for any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional retail purpose. Anyone who does not match the aforementioned definition of CONSUMER is asked to refrain from entering into commercial transactions via LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM.

1.3 – The Vendor reserves the right not to complete orders from individuals other than the “consumer” or any orders which do not comply with its commercial policy, as established by its commercial policy,.

1.4 – These General Terms and Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, sending and acceptance of purchase orders for products and services on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM between the users of LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM and the Vendor.

1.5 – The General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not, however, regulate the supply of services or sale of products by parties other than the Vendor, which are present on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM via links, banners or other hypertext connections. Before sending orders to purchase products and services from parties other than the Vendor, we advise you to check their terms and conditions of sale, as the Vendor is not responsible for the supply of services by third parties other than the Vendor, or for the completion of electronic commerce between the users of LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM and third parties.

1.6 – Any communication by the Consumer regarding the purchase of Products – including any reports, claims or requests concerning the purchase and/or delivery of the Products, or the right of withdrawal, etc. – shall be sent to the Vendor at the e-mail address: customer@lambertolosani.com.

2 – How to finalise a contract with LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM

2.1 – The order form contains a reference to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and a summary of the information on the essential specifications of each product ordered and the relevant price, VAT applied, shipment costs, payment methods you may use to purchase each product and the delivery procedures for the products purchased, the shipment and delivery costs, a reference to the terms and conditions for you to exercise your right of withdrawal and the procedures and times to return the products.

2.2 – The contract must be understood as finalised when the Vendor receives your order form electronically, subject to checking all the data for your order is correct.

2.3 – Before proceeding to purchase the products by sending the order form, you will be asked to carefully read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Information on your right of withdrawal.

2.4 – The order form will be saved in our data bank for the time required to process the orders and, nevertheless, within the time limits established by law. You may access your order form via the section: orders.

2.5 – The languages available to finalise your contract with the Vendor are Italian and English.

2.6 – Once the contract is finalised, LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM will process your purchase order.

2.7 – The Vendor will be unable to process any incomplete or incorrect purchase orders or if the products are unavailable. In these cases, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone that your contract has not been finalised and that the Vendor has not gone ahead with your purchase order, specifying the reasons. If the products, presented on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM, are no longer available or on sale when you access the site or send your order form, the Vendor will notify you promptly of the unavailability of the products ordered, and at least within thirty (30) days from the day after you sent the Vendor your order. If you have sent your order form and paid the price, the Vendor will refund what you have paid in advance.

2.8 – By sending your order form electronically, you unconditionally accept and undertake to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in your relationship with the Vendor. If you do not agree with any of the terms in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, we ask you not to send the purchase order form for products on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM.

2.9 – By sending the order form, you confirm you understand and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the additional information contained on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM, also referred to via links, including the Privacy Policy and Information of the right of withdrawal.

2.10 – Once the contract is finalised, the Vendor will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your purchase order and giving a summary of the information already contained in the order form, the information regarding the essential product specifications and a detailed indication of the price, payment methods and delivery costs.

3 – Guarantees and indication of the prices of the products/services

3.1 – LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM only offers products sold directly by the Vendor.

3.2 – The products shown are understood to be inclusive of VAT.

3.3 – The essential product specifications are shown on each product information sheet on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM. The images and colours of the products on sale on LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM are merely indicative and may differ from the real colours.

3.4 – The Products are sold with the specifications described on the Website and according to the Terms and Conditions of Sale published on the Website at the time the Consumer sends the order form. All other terms and conditions are excluded.

3.5 – The Vendor reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time and at its own discretion, without the need for any prior warning to the users of the Website. Any amendments made will be effective from the date of publication on the Website and will apply solely to sales finalised commencing from that date.

3.6 – The prices and/or specifications of the products on sale on the Website are subject to variations without prior warning. Before sending a purchase order, the Consumer is asked to check the final sale price.

3.7 – Our Website can be accessed throughout the world. However, the Products available on the Website can be purchased exclusively by users, who do not require delivery in one of the Countries indicated on the Website.

3.8 – RETURN AND REFUND POLICY. You can exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days from when the product was delivered. Write to customercare@lambertolosani.com to explain your reason for withdrawal and specify the order number. You will receive an e-mail confirming withdrawal and with instructions on how to return the product.

3.8 a) After the Vendor has checked that the product has not been damaged, it will refund the cost of your purchase. Refunds will be made using the original payment method used for the initial transaction, unless the Consumer requests a refund via a different means of payment. In this case, the Consumer will pay for any additional costs arising from the different payment method. The refund can be suspended until the goods have been received or until the Consumer provides proof of return of the goods, whichever comes first.

3.8 b) If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the Vendor has the right not to accept the return of products, whose essential, qualitative specifications have been altered, or which have been damaged (e.g. with signs of wear and tear, abrasion, scuffing, scratches, deformations, etc.) with missing parts and accessories (including unaltered labels and tags attached to the products), and without the instructions/notes/manuals attached, the original packs and packaging and guarantee certificate. The Consumer is asked not to handle the products more than is strictly necessary to establish their nature, specifications and functioning and to cover the original wrapping of the Products with another protective packaging, including writing or labels, to ensure they remain undamaged and are protected during transport.

4 – Product purchase procedure

4.1 – The Products presented on the Website may be purchased by selecting those you are interested in and entering them into the special, virtual, purchase trolley. Once you have selected your products, you will be asked to (i) register on the Website and provide the data requested, or (ii) login if you have already registered or (iii) provide your data to complete the order and enable the contract to be finalised. If the data given in the order differs from what you provided during registration to the Website, you will be asked to confirm not only your data (including, but not limited to: name, surname, etc.), but also the address for delivery of the Products selected, the invoicing address and, as an option, a telephone number to contact you for anything regarding the purchase you have made. The Consumer will see a summary of the order to be made, on which he may change the contents: therefore, the Consumer shall carefully read and expressly approve the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, by ticking the appropriate box (tick-box) on the Website. Lastly, the Consumer will be asked to press the “Confirm Order” key to confirm the order, which will then be sent definitively to the Vendor and will take effect, as described in this contract. The Consumer will also be asked to choose the shipment type and payment method from those available.

5 – Payments

5.1 – LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM accepts the following forms of payment: Advance Bank Transfer and credit card.

Payment by Bank Transfer. If you pay by Bank Transfer, the goods will be shipped only after the amount has been accredited on our current account. LAMBERTOLOSANI.COM will check the effective availability of the goods ordered within 24 hours from the sum being accredited to the account of LAMBERTO LOSANI S.R.L.

If payment is made by bank transfer to the Vendor, the Consumer shall indicate the “SWIFT” and “IBAN” numbers given in the order confirmation, together with the order number.

Account Holder: LAMBERTO LOSANI S.R.L.


Branch Fontivegge

IBAN:IT 85 W 02008 03033 000029424457

5.2 – Payment of the price of the Products purchased via the Website shall be made within the essential term of 10 (ten) days from the date the Vendor sent the Consumer the order confirmation. The Consumer expressly accepts that the Vendor will begin to execute the contract, when the price of the Product/s purchased is accredited to the Vendor’s current account.

5.3 – If payment is made by credit card, the Consumer will be transferred to a protected website and the credit card data will be notified directly to P4Cards srl (a company in the SIA Group), with head office in Via Monte Bianco 18, 37132, Verona, Italy – Business Register, Tax Code and VAT No. 04437800230, Economic and Administrative Index: No. 420294 of Verona. This company handles collection on behalf of Unicredit SpA, the operator in charge of payments on behalf of the Vendor. The data transmitted will be sent in protected mode, via the encrypted data transfer using the 128 bit SSL system (SecureSocketLayer). Not even the Vendor can access this data.

6 – Product shipment and delivery

6.1. The Website displays the availability of the Products and their delivery times. However, this information is to be considered purely indicative and not binding for the Vendor.

6.2. The shipment of the Products ordered by the Consumer will follow the procedure selected from those available and indicated on the Website at the time the order was sent.

6.3 – Shipments costs will be paid by the company, Lamberto Losani.

6.4 – Products purchased on www.lambertolosani.com are usually delivered within 3 working days from the order in Italy and within 5 working days for all other destinations.

Delivery times may be delayed as a result of public holidays. Carriers do not deliver on 25/12, 26/12, 01/01 and at weekends.

You need to add one working day to normal shipment times for administrative checks. Shipment times for orders made by bank transfer will be calculated as of confirmation payment has been made.

6.5 – If the Products have to be delivered to a country outside the European Union, the total price indicated in the order and repeated in the order confirmation, inclusive of indirect taxes (if applicable), is net of any customs duties and any other sales tax. The Consumer undertakes to pay the latter immediately, if due, on addition to the price indicated in the order and confirmed in the order confirmation, according to what is envisaged by the measures of law in the country, in which the products will be delivered. The Consumer is kindly asked to contact the competent bodies in his own country of residence or of the destination of the products, in order to obtain information regarding any duties or taxes applied in his country or in the destination oif the products

6.6 – The Consumer is solely responsible for any additional cost, charge, tax and/or duty which a given country may apply for any reason on the Products ordered according to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

6.7 – The Consumer states that ignorance of the costs, charges, duties, taxes and/or levies at the time he sent the order to the Vendor, does not constitute grounds to withdraw from this contract and may not under any circumstances charge the aforementioned costs to the Vendor.

6.8 – When the courier delivers the goods, the Customer is obliged to check that: the packaging is complete, undamaged, not wet or altered in any way, including the materials used to close the packaging (adhesive tape). Any damage to the packaging and/or product or the incorrect number of packages or the incorrect number of packages or information, must be contested immediately, by placing SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION (SPECIFYING THE GROUNDS FOR VERIFYING, e.g. damaged packaged, a hole in the packaging, crushed packaging, etc.) on the courier’s delivery note. Once the courier’s document has been signed without the SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION label being placed, the Customer may not object in any way to the conditions of what was delivered.

6.9 – Any disputes regarding goods accepted with reserve, as indicated above, must be sent in detailed, written form within 7 (seven) days from receipt of same to the address customer@lambertolosani.com.

6.10 – In the event of repeated failure to deliver to the address given by the customer at the time of order, the goods will be stored at the courier’s warehouses. If they are not collected within 3 working days, the order will be returned to the warehouses of LAMBERTO LOSANI S.R.L.

The order may be reshipped at the customer’s request: the cost of storage, return transport and new shipment will be paid by the customer.

Terms and Conditions

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